Make it Personal


Although I must admit we had a good agent, most real estate people are not known for their imaginations. They follow a routine set of cookie-cutter steps to sell houses.  There’s a lot about every home that remains hidden from view. So it’s up to us – the sellers – to take charge and bring these special features into focus.

In my Post – It’s Time to Sell – I talked about painting a picture for my prospective buyers by writing a list of things I liked about my home. I wanted people to picture themselves there, enjoying the good life.

I placed a stack of these personal letters beside the real estate feature sheets, for buyers to take away. I made it short, easy to read, with lots of white space and all on one page. It was a big hit with buyers and proved to be the single most important selling tool we had toward getting multiple prospects and a quick sale. 

Good luck with selling your home. If you try this selling technique, remember to make it brief, be truthful and appeal to the emotionl side of buying a house – by drawing from your gut.    

Here is a copy of what I wrote:


A Personal Note from the Owners

We’d like to tell you…

 We have found the layout of this french country home ideal for entertaining family and friends.  The two bright and spacious levels provide the perfect floor plan for both large and small families.

 We moved away from the city ten years ago and have enjoyed every minute of our life here. We love this house and we love this town. But we’ve decided the time has come to move closer to our only daughter and her family, and therefore, our reason for selling. We are truly sorry to leave this special place.

 We have become very good friends with the previous owners, who also designed and built this home. There was a lot of care and planning that went into every detail. They sold this house to us and built another one nearby.

 You might like to know…

          the east side of the yard near the fence is perfect for a vegetable garden. We had it filled in with sod three years ago.

         the backyard makes for some great toboggan runs.

         all the gardens are perennial and easy to maintain.

         the creek in the ravine may be low right now, but it is very robust and picturesque in fall, winter and early spring.

         check out the unique specialty blind in the half circle window in the office.  The lever on the ledge slides back & forth to open & close blind. (Hunter Douglas $1000 in 2009.)

 And lastly, the cedar lawn swing in the front yard was made locally and is an excellent prescription for swinging and singing in the rain – and staying young at heart.

 Thank you…for taking the time to consider our home.


Bob & Pat


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