Beware of Condo Envy – As The Condo Turns…


I’m back! I’ve been busy doing all sorts of exciting work – full explanation will come with a big announcement in June! In the meantime – here’s the dealio.  

Condo patter: Further to my previous posts on condo living, I thought it was time to step it up a notch – especially for those of you considering  the spring market leap into condo-land.

Tune in daily: There may be many of you out there having sleepless nights, thinking about making the life-changing, mind-numbing, downsizing move to your first condo as a more mature citizen. Well, listen up! I have a lot to tell you about life in the condo lane – and I’ll do it all in the next 10 days. Compare it to a daily soap opera of sorts…a mini-series if you will.  Except the cast of characters won’t be naked (thankfully) or wearing the latest New York fashions (sadly), but there could be a few naughty bits of scandal along the way, (can you keep a secret?)

Here’s the scoop! While I’m still a newbie condoarian, I do have highly prejudiced experiences and unabashed opinionated observations to share with you, based on my life over the past nearly 3 years. And in no particular order, I’ll tell you about the good, the bad, the not-so-young, and the restless. So stay tuned.

Tip of the day: Beware of Condo Envy
All condos are not created equal. There are usually a variety of floor plans available in every condo building. And while you may choose one suitable for your needs, make sure you can stand the test of condo envy. There will always be another condo on a higher floor, a better view, more square footage etc., and you will be compared to those units.

In my experience, the first thing condo owners ask when they meet you, is  – what unit are you in and what floor are you on?  This is too often done in an effort to establish pecking order via square footage, view and market values. And that’s usually even before they ask your name! It becomes an obsession of comparison among the cotton-head community. And they do it very nicely, but it bugs the condo-crap out of me!

Now you know the inside scoop. It’s nothing to worry about, just be aware that it goes on. And no one will tell you about this or, least of all, admit to it.  So choose carefully, be happy with your investment and ignore the rest. 

Until tomorrow…these are the days of our lives.

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  1. Welcome back! Great idea. Condo envy is alive and well for condo-dwellers of all ages. Whether you rent or own adds another layer to the pecking order. But I’ve found it’s very similar to homes and neighbourhoods and proximity to key landmarks. Where I live people often ask me how many blocks my home is to Lake Ontario…


    • Yes, you’re right Jessica. Comparisons are done covertly to establish details about you…unimportant details, but details all the same. I wonder if all this happened when people lived in caves? Were some caves more elite than others? Did the neanderthals give a damn? These are the things I think about…


  2. What a great idea you have here queenie! I look forward to reading all your condo buying and living tips! Love, mo

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  3. Good to see you back in the saddle again with both guns blazing. We are among those who have been considering condo life for a few years now, but, it will likely be a few more before we do more than think. So the more ‘hints’ we can get the better!!


    • Hey Blanche! I hope I don’t put you off condo buying. I will try my best to give you a good balance of details to consider, as you make up your mind. It’s a great life, but it’s definitely different from home ownership. Helping you to be aware and prepared is my main goal here, with this April soap.


  4. After reading your blog methinks the face of the “cotton-headed community” is headed for a change…….with you at the helm how can we go wrong. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next “episode”.


    • Thanks for checking in JJ. One day you might want to move out of that big house of yours too. I’m just doing my duty as the elder statesperson of the group. I wish I had known all this stuff before I made the move. It might have helped with the culture shock. Stay tuned…


  5. Good grief! What a workload you have set for yourself.I don’t know if I will be able to comment every day. But glad you are back and look forward to the news in June.


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