Do Your Homework – As the Condo Turns…


Today I’ll touch on the more serious side of things…
It’s all fun and games until somebody buys the wrong condo!

Tip of the day – Do your homework

1. Like what you see: Can you picture yourself there? Does it “feel” like home? Do you like the view from the windows? What can you hear? If something bugs you now, it will drive you nuts down the road. 

2. Read the rules: Check out pet restrictions to make sure your beloved little Snuffles, doesn’t have to go to a “nice family out in the country” before you move in. 

3. Look before you leap: Take your time and compare, to get the best bang for your condo buck. Remember, your real estate agent wants to make his commission and go home. You have to live there and pay condo fees, forever and ever and ever…

4. Assume nothing: Ask to see the Status Certificate. Find out how they spend their money. This is probably the most important element of your decision, and the one most of us ignore out of unfamiliarity or simple trust.

5. Check under the hood:  Just because everything looks good on the outside, doesn’t mean the innards of the building are in good working order. When was the last reserve fund study done? Are there any special assessments planned? The roof on a condo building doesn’t come cheap.

Until tomorrow…these are the days of our lives.     

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  1. The noise and view from a condo are so important. I once lived in a condo that faced the 401 Highway–it was so loud!! And the constant movement every time I looked out the window drove me bonkers.


    • Sounds like you learned the hard way. Before moving anywhere, it’s best to stand outside the house or building at various times of day and listen to the noise levels. Rainy days can be especially bad. And the constant whine from busy highways can certinaly do your head in!


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