The Good and Bad of Condo Boards – As the Condo Turns…


I’m always amazed at the number of complaints owners have about their condo boards. Granted, it’s a herculean task to keep everyone happy. But some don’t even try.

Condo boards reflect the collective personalities and experiences of their directors. So it’s easy to understand that the approach taken by each board is the unique meshing of the individuals involved.

If you’re lucky, you will enjoy the results of a productive and open-minded board. If you’re not, they can make your life hell – if you let them.

Tip of the day – Not all condo boards are created equal

Beyond the fiduciary responsibilities, which are significant, there are other parameters that determine if you have a good or bad condo board. Here is my view on the subject:

A good condo board will create an honest and open communication system for all owners, and welcome new ideas.

A good condo board will allow owners to voice their opinions privately and in open meetings, without fear of reprisal.

A good condo board will invite a fair and open nomination system for board appointments, without favouritism.

A good condo board will be respectful and not bully their way through pre-determined outcomes.

A good condo board will be humbled by their elected responsibilities, not inflated by them.

A good condo board will ask owners what they want, and listen to what people have to say, instead of assuming they know best.

A good condo board will deal with irate owners in a calm and respectful manner.

A bad condo board will do none of the above.

Until tomorrow…these are the days of our lives.

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  1. Dave was lucky to serve on a board like that. They do exist! But how would you know before you move in?

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    • Sadly there is no way of knowing until you’ve already moved in, unless you know someone in the building. You were lucky and I’m sure Dave helped to make the condo board a good one.


  2. Thanks for revealing things we wouldn’t even think about. Keep up the good blogging………I love to read your comments Pat Skene.


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