Relax and Make Friends – As the Condo Turns…


I’ve heard many aging boomers say they could never live in a condo with a bunch of old people. Well, most of us still have a lot of juice left in the blender, so don’t knock it ’til you try it. There’s comfort in living among others who have been there, done that. And you don’t have to suck in your gut or worry about any low-hanging bit and bobs when you go to the pool.

Tip of the day –   Relax and make friends

Living in a tall building of condo units is like living in a beehive. Most days, we all buzz around like contented little condo-bees. Oh sure, there may be some with more active stingers than others, and a few may have more venom in their ego-sacs. But deep down, we all want the same thing – a safe and happy community.

My granddaughter has a difficult time thinking of me in any way, other than the grandmother she has always known. It’s a difficult concept for her to picture me in my younger days and imagine me as a mother with a career, just like her mother.

In the same way, everyone in a condo building has history and experiences hidden away in their baggage. We have all “bee-n” (pardon the pun) somebody else before becoming who we are today. Just imagine the wealth of knowledge and adventures stacked up in all those units, one on top of the other – like a bee colony!

In my experience, people living in a condo environment are friendly and generous in sharing their backgrounds. It’s easy to meet new people and so interesting to hear the incredible stories of the lives they’ve  lived. And it’s not all past tense, by any means. More and more zoomers continue to work and travel, with no plans to stop.

Living in a detached home can sometimes feel isolated, as we grow older. We may no longer go out to work, and our social calendar may not be as busy due to health or circumstance. But in a condo – you’re never lonely.  

Regardless of the weather, just step outside your door to get the mail, go for a swim, or a run on the treadmill. There is always someone to talk to and chances are, you’ll find common ground to talk about.

If you’re like me, you’ll thank your lucky condo-stars that you made the decision to downsize that big-ass house, and BEE happy in a wonderful community of like-minded people.

Until tomorrow – these are the days of our lives.

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  1. Great way to describe condo living. You conjure up a comical picture in my mind of everyone buzzing around and going around doing their business, with the odd “STINGER” in the group…to spoil the honey pot! Well written!


  2. For the most part it sounds like a good life. I’m glad you and hubsey are happy there. Thanks for “bee-ing” so descriptive. Love it!


  3. Don’t most people get crankier as they get older and more fixed in their ways? Nice of you to look at the positive side of these oldsters.


    • I guess some people get crankier as they age. But we’re all in this together – so I say let’s rejoice and make the most of it. The alternative to getting older is not an attractive option.


  4. Great post. As someone who just moved into a rather large apartment building myself, I agree that there’s never a dull moment and always someone to talk to. Although I’m currently renting, I would eventually like to get a condo in Seattle. I love the idea of living in a central city location, with easy access to amenities like a pool and fitness center. And as you pointed out, people living in condos are usually friendly and generous in sharing their backgrounds. Thanks for the uplifting post on such an interesting topic.


    • Thanks for your comment Michael. Yes, having those amenities can mean the difference between feeling cooped up in your unit versus feeling like you’re living in a resort. And it’s a healthy and safe way to meet people. Good luck with your hunt.


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