One Day Indeed!


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 “The nice thing about getting old, is you might become young again.”

                     Edwin Honig, American Poet and Playwright.

My rant du jour: Today is National Senior’s Day in Canada. It’s a nice gesture in a world where seniors are mightily ignored and largely    invisible to the masters of the universe. But there is a change brewing, as boomers come of age and take charge to voice their opinions.  This is a good thing.  So why do we need a “Senior’s Day” to be recognized as a valid part of society?

More please! I guess a few token hours out of one token day, is a nice polite gesture to celebrate our aging population and the contributions this generation has made to the country we live in. Do we really need a flag raising at City Hall to remember that seniors are an intricate part of the web of  everyday life? Could this day to focus on seniors be nothing more than a hypocritical salute to “old people” because of a lack of respect and understanding in all levels of society?  Why should we have one stinking day?  We don’t want “one day.” We want every day!

Senior immersion: Like it or not people, the world is flooded with seniors. I myself am surrounded by seniors because I am one of the gang.  Some of these cranky codgers and codgerettes walk the face of the earth in a constant state of angry birds.  Many more seniors tread softly with a quiet wisdom…like they’ve cracked the code of the Mona Lisa smile. I love this group. And I am honoured to listen to the stories seniors have to tell…the teachers, the lawyers, the nurses, the business leaders, the everyday people of yesterday, today and tomorrow…with all their successes and tragedies.

I digress: When I was a toddler, I was apparently fascinated by old men. I would crawl up on the knee of any old geezer I could find, much to my poor mother’s horror! I am happy to say, I no longer hold that fascination. But I still do like some old men, especially the old fashioned kind…like the gentleman who tips his hat, holds the door open for me, respects my opinion and treats me like a have a functioning brain.  Hubsey is an old man too, and I like him a lot because he never grew up. And I love to crawl up on his lap!

What’s old is new: So here I am, in the dawn of my twilight years, surrounded by a gaggle of gently used human beings. I live in a condo full of seniors, I sit next to them at the doctor’s office, my friends are getting more wrinkled everyday and my dentist is an old man.  Even my two younger sisters are getting long in the tooth. We used to giggle and talk about boys, fashion, careers, bringing up kids and planning vacations. Now we talk about old men, sciatica, knee replacements, grandkids and constipation. But we still manage a good giggle fest from time to time.

About old men: Have you ever noticed how the older generation of men in our lives clear their throats, like they’re constantly trying to get your attention? Or how they grunt when getting out of a chair to let you know they’re on the move, so you can get out of their way? Old men don’t talk a lot. But when they do, it’s mostly to tell you how it used to be, or complain about the government. And as any long-standing married woman, who’s had the same husband for a while will tell you, they’re very well trained and worth hanging on to.  Trading a used model in for a new one is out of the question for most old broads. Remember, your old man may come with some saggage, but a new old man comes with big baggage!

About old women: Here’s something about we older women…we worry about wrinkles and waistlines, instead of celebrating our cellulite and the wisdom of our years.  We worry about that whisker that popped out on our chin overnight, instead of taking comfort in the freedom that comes with getting older. We worry about our white hair and thinning locks, instead of enjoying that second cup of tea in the morning…happy that we no longer have to strap ourselves into a pair of pantyhose to go to work.  And we wear far too much beige and black…never enough electric blue and emerald green!

Warning: As everyone knows, when seniors are around, you must get rid of area mats because we’ll trip on them. Get rid of shoes at the door because we’ll trip on them. Get rid of toys on the floor because we’ll trip on them. Do we seniors never think to look down? Someone should invent a senior-sensor-sonar device to clip on our shoes, which would automatically make loud beeping noises like a truck backing up…and zap the floor of any debris as we pass. Is that brilliant or what?

Final word: Anyway, that’s all I have to say on the subject for today. Seniors are alive and well and we don’t need a special one day flag raising ceremony at City Hall to mark our existence.  We need every day to do that –  and it’s up to each one of us to shout it out and make every day count!

Pat Skene…see you between the lines.


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  1. You don’t sound that old. At least you don’t act it. One good thing for you seniors is this year there will be more people over 65 than under 15. Should make someone sit up and take notice.


  2. I would like to have one of those shoe devices just to be on the safe side. But as far as your younger sisters are concerned, I think they should be thankful that they still have their teeth, long or short doesn’t matter. Thanks for another great rant. If I hadn’t read your blog, I would have gone the entire day not knowing it was national seniors day.


    • Hey Blanche! Thanks for your comment. And now that you know it’s senior’s day, you might want to go out and get one of those 2 for 1 dinners. Oops! Too bad for you – you missed it. You need to line up at 4:00pm for the daily senior specials and it’s now 5:10pm. Better luck next year!


  3. It is truly sad that a special day must be declared to honor seniors. When I first heard about the proclamation of seniors day, I ignored it. Most of the country has also ignored this day. Unlike Mothers Day when almost everyone wishes me a happy Mothers Day (regardless of whether there is any indication that I was ever a parent), not one person at my gym or at a coffee shop frequented my many older people made any reference to seniors day. My white hair and wrinkles obviously put me into the category of ‘senior’ yet nobody took note. Seniors day needs a good marketing campaign to make it rock – although I would surely regurgitate my breakfast if it were a day accompanied with ‘Happy Seniors Day’ cards!


    • You make a good point Jeanette. Not a greeting card I’d like to receive either. I think this “senior’s day” is unknown to most people. In my opinion, it is simply a manufactured day to assuage the guilt of many politicians – and the well-meaning but ineffective organizations who put ineffective but well-meaning programs in place, which are hampered by ineffective and not-always well-meaning bureaucrats…which brings me back to the politicians. Thanks for checking in Jeanette.


  4. Like Blanche, I too, did not know it was national senior’s day. I’ll have to take advantage of 2 for l dinners next year…if I remember! I guess we “baby boomers” have a chance to change things for the better simply because of our numbers. I love reading your blogs!


    • Thanks for your comment Robin. I’ll let you know when I’m taking orders for the shoes. In the meantime, I hope your feet are healing well and you’re feeling better. Cheers!


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