It’s Spring Dammit!



Rant Du Jour: Okay, I’m just as sick as the rest of you about this winter thing. And yes, I’m watching with my nose pressed    against the glass for even the slightest sign of spring. But today I made a big decision. Screw it! As far as I’m concerned, the calendar says it’s spring…so it’s spring!

Looking back: Some of it was fun while it lasted. I have to admit that watching marathon episodes of Breaking Bad, while chowing down on ice cream and cheesy nachos was a decadent winter indulgence. And furthermore, I enjoyed it guilt-free because of the raging blizzard outside. Nowhere to go, nothing to do and even if there was, can’t do it anyway in weather like this. It’s a beautiful thing.

Now what? So it’s time to put away the stew pots, the pizza pans, the bread maker and all things that scream comfort food. It’s time to get off to the grocery store and load up on fruits and vegetables before scurvy sets in. If you’ve already lost a tooth – I recommend an immediate infusion of lemon-gin and tonic.

Growing pains: And that leads me to our great Canadian winter waistlines! Our bodies are our biggest asset…but bigger doesn’t always mean better, even in these cold Canucky temps. Size does matter, regardless of what anyone tells you. We need to drop our tracky bottoms with those ever-expanding elastic waistbands, and slide into a pair of last summer’s pants to assess the damage. Reality sucks!

Mixed messages: Now if you’re like me and still have your Christmas arrangements outside…don’t even consider putting a few painted eggs in with the holiday ornaments to make nice with the Easter bunny. Throw them out! And do it this week or the evil winter witch will camp out at your door and invite all her witchy winter friends to party on. It’s still too cold to enjoy our beloved tulips and daffodils out there, so put them in the window to welcome the spring-angels of mercy. God help us all.

Get out! And finally – for all that’s holy – let’s get off our assets and walk in the fresh spring air, regardless of the temperature. And if you’ve still got snow, pretend it’s a beautiful white sandy beach. We’ve all closed our eyes and thought of England at some point in our lives. Well it’s time to exercise that skill again…we just need to change the thinking location to the Bahamas. All those butt-busting exercises we’ve been avoiding because…blah, blah, blah…are no longer valid. Time to shake and bake our booties!

So? It’s spring! Winter is over and that’s all there is to it! Now let’s get out there and enjoy it, dammit!

Pat Skene

See you between the lines.




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  1. Thank you for the encouragement. Now if you could just encourage the ten feet of snow to behave like it is spring. I will watch for the daffodils.


  2. Well I’ve always been a ‘glass half full’ kind of girl, and after hearing the Halifax forecast for another 50 cm tonight, I’m thrilled to be living in Ottawa. But I must confess to looking for a hint of my daffodils peeking their heads up for the sun when I came home from shopping today. Needless to say they aren’t quite ready. Soon??


    • Keep the faith Blanche. If you were a daffodil, would you poke your head out? I think not! Spring is coming…I can smell it! Or is that the smell of wishful thinking? Hang in there.


  3. You have encouraged me to throw out the Christmas planter that’s still half-frozen on my front steps! I’ve also decided to leave the grey and black and other dark clothes in the closet and look for sweaters (yes, sweaters!) in brighter colours!
    Be well,


  4. Very funny and I was lucky enough to miss it all with being in Florida for the winter!
    Great advice to all those Canadians who are sick of winter!


  5. Yes…it has been a very long winter with lots of snow here in North Bay. The calendar says it’s spring and I like your idea of just getting out there and enjoying it. My poor Rudolph is still buried in snow up to his head! I will visualize all that white stuff as sand…feels better already. Thanks Pat Skene!


    • You might want to try putting a pair of bunny ears on your reindeer and hang a few Easter eggs from the trees. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! Thanks for your comment JJ.


  6. Woke up to a nice white, sandy beach this morning, with a cool, north breeze blowing over the waters! Will be staying inside another day with the comfort foods…spring tomorrow???


  7. We had a heavy snowfall overnight last weekend and woke up to layers of snow coating the ground and frosting the trees with clumps of moist snow. “Hmph,” I thought as I examined the trees in our yard, “Must be Colorado’s version of a cherry blossom festival.” It didn’t help.


    • Oh dear…it might help if you venture out in a straw hat and throw rose petals in the snow. I’m just saying…hang in there and don’t give in! Think spring auntie B!


  8. This morning I saw both a 2 meter square patch of grass on my front lawn and one robin, I’m to the point of taking inventory for a sign! Great post.


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