Hear Ye, Hear Ye…


thCalling all geezers and geezerettes!  

Come in from the dark side and learn what social media can do for you.

Well, if you’re reading this post, it means you have already seen the light and are proficient enough with technology to stay connected with the universe. So you might think this article is not for you…oh contraire!

I’m sure we all have a few senior friends with their heads buried in the days of old. They don’t know how to use email, don’t own a computer, smart phone or tablet. They don’t know what a blog is and frankly don’t give a blog about all this new fan-dangled stuff.  Well, it just might be time for a cyber-intervention.

I was recently contacted by a company in the US to answer some questions about how I felt re the importance of social media for seniors. And while I don’t endorse any commercial links on my site, I felt this topic was very near to the cockles of my blogger’s heart, so I chose to be a participant in the article.

As you know from my posts 50 Shades of MAC, i-Crazy, and i-Lied…I am fully committed to the wonders of technology; a converted cyber-geezerette if you will.

I know it’s very hard for some seniors to stay open to learning new things. Life always looks so much better in the rearview mirror. And although we will never be as proficient with technology as our children and grandchildren, as long as we have breath there’s always time left to believe we can continue to learn and improve our lives in some small way.

Even the grand Red Queen herself from Alice in Wonderland said, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”…and she was no spring chicken!

Fear is our worst enemy and change is hard work. As we age, our world continues to shrink one year at a time…like a balloon losing air in slow motion. It’s no wonder that we white-knuckle our grip on the days of yore when we were bigger and stronger players on the planet.

So why not pay it forward and do what we can to open up the universe for other seniors in our lives? Talk, encourage, demonstrate, and teach what technology can do to add value to everyday living.

I’m just saying…

Please click below to read the full article on Social Media Tips for Seniors:


See you between the lines,

Pat Skene

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  1. I couldn’t agree more heartily, Pat! My mother is so isolated because she refuses to learn the computer…and she won’t budge when I tell her about all the people I know even older than she is, people in their late 80s and even 90s who use email etc. I try to use her example as a warning when I hesitate to tackle something new.


    • Thanks for your comment Jenine…yes, she isn’t alone. We have friends who won’t budge on the issue. But on the plus side, we introduced computer training here in our condo and several people came on board to learn. Did you notice I used your Red Queen quote? I love that one.


  2. I agree! We “baby boomers” are the largest population and our numbers are growing every year. We have so much knowledge to pay forward…we are NOT invisible. It’s important to always move forward…guess that’s why the windshield is much larger. I will do my bit and encourage seniors in my life to give this new technology a try. Thanks for addressing this subject Pat.


  3. Excellent topic Pat. We have several friends and relatives who are missing out on this ‘connection’ too, they are not interested in owning, using, or learning about computers. I feel it is a helpful tool to keep in touch without being invasive. Unlike a telephone call, an email or text message can be responded to when it is convenient to do so. We often use the chat facility on scrabble to book an appointment for our next phone call. And how on earth did we ever get by without having a google search facility? As another aging boomer, I am most happy to welcome this technology into my life!


    • Well said Blanche. Fear of change or being changed is a powerful thing. Fear of failing, fear of looking stupid…and just plain stubbornness all play a role in why we don’t want to change with the times. I agree, the scrabble chat facility is a wonderful tool. Thanks for reading.


  4. You’re so right! When the Internet is down…I feel like one of my limbs is missing! So disconnected from everyone. Just the other day I offered to teach an 86 year old woman here, how to use a tablet that her grandson gave her. If 92 year old Uncle Bill can email and Skype his family….she could be doing it also!


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