There’s Nothing Like a Dame



“Never be afraid to laugh at yourself.  After all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century.” Dame Edna Everage. (81 years old)

Hello Possums! Sometimes there are moments in life you need to capture and swallow whole to keep them inside you. (Sometimes, there are moments you need to masticate into mush and spit out into the nearest spittoon.) Well, thankfully, I have one of the former moments – one of pure zen, that I want to tell you about.

Eureka! I was watching television with my 12 year-old granddaughter the other day, when an advertisement for gigastar, Dame Edna and her Farewell Tour flashed on the screen. There she was, her Edna-ship, complete with perfectly coiffed mauve hair, rhinestone-studded wingtip glasses and outlandish wardrobe. My granddaughter jumped out of her chair and said, “Nan! That’s totally you – on the inside!”

How awesome is that? For someone like me who values imagination, creativity and freedom of expression as my raison d’être, it was the highest compliment possible. My eyeballs were sweating tears of purple glee. What more could a grandmother want in life, than to know her granddaughter thinks she has a colourful, funny, nut-ball of a Dame Edna lurking on the inside?

Shake it up! As we get older, it’s easy to become crotchety and bad-tempered, as we deal with deteriorating bodies, death of spouses and old friends, and of course, lack of identity and loneliness. It becomes too easy to feel forgotten and left behind, as we see younger people around us enjoying a more robust lifestyle. And it’s natural to be afraid to step out of ourselves; outside of our comfort zones to try something new. Sometimes the only difference between a recliner and a grave is the view!

Inner Dame: In my opinion, we all need to channel our inner Dame Edna to shake us awake and make us feel alive. There’s nothing like boredom and complacency to cause wrinkles ladies…and for the men out there…Dame Edna is really Barry Humphries, so there’s a message in here for you too. And no, I don’t mean cross-dressing! Although, if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do…?

Outer Dame: So to celebrate this momentous gift given to me by my granddaughter, I bought some new face furniture – a pair of purple cat’s eye glasses, trimmed with pearl. So cool! But for now, I’ll keep my hair white and leave the “wisteria hue” to the Grand Dame!

See you between the lines,

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  1. What a compliment!!! My sincere sympathy on the death of your husband. It was not that long ago that he was part of some of your stories.


    • Ha! No, my husband and just fine…perhaps he’ll make it into a blog soon if he does something to piss me off. Otherwise, he’s been behaving himself, so nothing to write about. But thanks for noticing…😊


  2. Love the dame glasses! Excellent observation on your granddaughter’s part too! She is bang on with that one! Here’s to all of us channelling our inner Dame on a regular basis!


  3. Good one, Pat. As Dame Edna demonstrates a sense of humor about oneself is essential to the aging process because ss that other venerable old lady Bette Davis said “old age ain’t no place for sissies!”


  4. Love your dame glasses too! We green eyed gals should all wear cat’s eye glasses. I agree with your granddaughter! Now I know where Gadoosh came from…just sayin. I always look forward to reading your blogs.


  5. So who would have thought that your true inspiration was Dame Edna, and you didn’t even know it! All due to your granddaughters observations! . Your new glasses seem perfect to compliment your creativeness and fun personality! Very spect-tacular!!!!!!!!


  6. I have turquoise Harry Potter-round glasses. (See my picture) I love when young people who normally wouldn’t notice me see my glasses and say, “Oh wow! Cool glasses.” I figure it gives them hope for having a little coolness in old age.


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