Happiness Engineers



Did you know there are real human beings in cyberspace, who actually want to help solve your problems? Can you imagine my delight at finding people out there with the sole responsibility of making the universe a happier place? These real-life employees have an innate desire to troubleshoot issues big and small – and they do it with grace, a sense of humour and excellent communication skills. 

Meet Irwin, Happiness Engineer: This week I was having some WordPress difficulties when I created a mess trying to set up another blog. With no human to call, I sent a note to the support line and voila! Irwin solved my problem within 24 hours and everything was fixed. He was efficient, clear and succinct in his communications and he even threw in a few happy faces! He signed his name – Irwin, Happiness Engineer. Now how cool is that?

And these positions are not just at WordPress to keep clients happy. Some forward-thinking-out-of-the-box companies are hiring Happiness Engineers to keep employees happy as well. They just may have found the key to getting the best return on human investment. It’s a beautiful thing!

What a concept: I think we need more Happiness Engineers in this world. I am totally in love with this job title and the responsibilities that go with it. Just think what a better place the world would be, if we had more of these individuals in every segment of our lives. Imagine what a team of these specialized folks could do in hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools and nursing homes, just to name a few. And why not include a troupe of “Travelling Happiness Engineers” to visit people who need them at any location, with Have Smile, Will Travel boldly announcing their skills on the side of the van?

Final word: We not only need to have more of these remarkable engineers in our lives…we need to become one as well. And no, I’m not getting all Pollyanna on you! But I am a glass-full kind of gal and I can usually see the silver lining in things, even if it turns out to be tinfoil.

It takes little effort for any of us to pay more attention to the people around us; to make them feel good with a compliment, a helpful hand, a solution to something bothering them, a phone call, a few daisies, an old fashioned note…and yes, sometimes it’s just knowing when to keep our mouths shut. Learning how to go the extra mile should be part of every school curriculum.

Making people happy, one engineer at a time. Thanks for the inspiration Irwin!

So c’mon people, talk to me! Where do you want to see more Happiness Engineers in your world? two-people-talking-to-each-other-cartoon-117

See you between the lines,
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  1. excellent post! I would like to see them EVERYWHERE! I seem to be hanging around health care facilities a lot lately, and while some of the nurses make wonderful happiness engineers, there are also some who could use quite a bit of additional training. But I am especially enamoured with your idea that we all make an effort to be Happiness Engineers. We just might make a difference in someone’s day! For sure it would make a difference in our own!


  2. I wonder how our relationship with work would change if we all saw our jobs as Happiness Engineers?! I agree that we need to become one! But for now, I’d like to see more happiness engineers in politics!

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  3. What a great service these Happiness Engineers are providing! It makes me happy to help someone every day…today I will try harder. Don’t we get back what we give? Thank you Pat Skene…I am happy! “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”…I am clapping!


  4. You sound like a wonderfully happy person. And I hope you get lots of replies from people about where they want to see happiness engineers. The other day I met a happiness engineer (although I doubt she knew what she was) in of all places the Government of Ontario license bureau. She was an unexpected treat.


    • That is certainly an unusual place to find a happiness engineer. Perhaps they are slowly infiltrating the ranks in every profession…even government! That would be awesome! Thanks for reading Rumpel.


  5. LOVE this job title and believe we all need to be Happiness Engineers! However I do feel that I would personally be happier if the telecom industry thought a little more about this! They deliver limbo-winning low in the happiness department.


  6. I love the idea of thinking about adding more happiness in our life.

    “Be kind to one another.” Maybe we should be kinder to ourselves too. One of the other reasons I love yoga.

    You have inspired me. (I won’t swear at the construction workers digging on my street today!)

    Cheers Vicki

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    • Hey Vicki! Thanks for your comment. I think you shoukd get out there and run a workshop with those construction workers on the merits of all of them beconing hapojness street engineers! Go girl! You can do it! Your whole neighbourhood will thank you.


  7. Thanks for the kind words! It’s amazing what a name can do; it makes us just as happy to call ourselves “Happiness Engineers” so maybe that’s where it comes from. Cheers!


  8. I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me for a while, Pat. Somehow you dropped off my radar; but you didn’t hold my absence against me, commented on my blog, and I’m happily back. It tickled me that the WordPress happiness engineer you found was a male. Until the third paragraph I’d been picturing the person you described as a woman — the characteristics seemed to belong to us. Then I read about Irwin and felt ashamed of my judgmental attitude toward men. A little lesson for Janet today.


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