Witches, Black Cats and Broomsticks


HalloWitchTreeHave you ever met a Halloween witch who couldn’t fly on her broom? Why would a Halloween cat be named Splaaat? What kind of weird concoctions do witches stir into their cauldrons? How did these scary Halloween traditions get started in the first place?

Download your FREE HALLOWEEN STORY to find out.

HALLOWEEN FOR ERNESTINE is one of six rhyming stories from my book, Rhyme Stones.

Read, Print, Share and Enjoy – compliments of Orca Book Publishers. Don’t miss the Interview with Ernestine and cool Halloween facts at the end. 

Go to Press Here to Start…Reading for a copy of this fun-filled Halloween story. The kids in your life will be glad you did. 

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  1. Love Ernestine! My granddaughter has a project on the origins of Halloween, so I sent this to her to remind her to check her rhyme stones book. Great story!


  2. Such a fun time both for those “trick and treating”and those handing out the goodies. Wonderful take on the character and should relieve the fear so many have of witches.


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