What Trump Can Teach Our Children


video.yahoofinance.com@9c23c68e-8d3a-3e99-9f67-2dee284c5d71_FULL“The point is, you can never be too greedy.”

“My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body.”

“Women, you have to treat them like shit.”

Yes, The Donald really said those things.

I am probably the least political person I know. But even as a Canadian, I can’t help but get caught up in the Trump madness of the US elections. If this was a movie, we would all be unable to suspend our disbelief that such batshit crazy things could be said and done, by a person running for the highest office in the land.

Trumpkins take notes! However, as in most things, there are learnings to be had –  if you examine the stinking piles of turds left behind by the biggest and loudest raging bull out there in the field of dreams. So gather your little trumpkins  around, and let’s talk about what Mr. Trump can teach our children. Forget your family values and pay attention.

Teachers listen up! You may want to incorporate these behaviours into your school policies. Perhaps the education system has been wrong all along. Could it be that your entire code of ethics has been nothing more than an attempt to teach our children mutual respect and common decency?

Top 10 Tips From The Trump School for Kids

  1. Give other students nasty nicknames and belittle them at every opportunity, to make you feel important.
  2. Disrespect the girls in your class by calling them fat pigs, dogs and disgusting animals.
  3. If someone doesn’t agree with you, ask one of your friends to punch them in the face.
  4. Tell your teachers to build walls in the school yard, to separate the undesirable kids who are different from you.
  5. Report anyone who disagrees with you to the principal, and have the loudmouth expelled, while you scream, “Get’em outta here!”
  6. When you lose at something, never take responsibility. Always blame the other guy for cheating you out of your win.
  7. When you’re at a school sports competition, get some fist fights going between the teams to stir things up.
  8. Accuse others of lying as often as you can, but tell the biggest whoppers of the bunch and never back down or tell the truth.
  9. When you’re writing an essay for school, don’t bother checking your facts. Just write whatever comes into your head.
  10. Be vindictive toward any student or teacher who speaks out against you, and pledge to make their lives a living hell.

Final word: So there you have it – a roadmap for your little Trumpkins on how to become a successful loud-mouthed, egotistical bully just like Donald Trump. They may even end up on national television one day…bragging about the size of their manhood during a political debate. But then again…does anyone really care?

I do..I really, really do!

God bless us every one, and may God forgive America!

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  1. It is truly unbelievable what that man says and does as his popularity soars. And it is even more unbelievable and downright frightening that he could possibly be the future leader of the most powerful country in the world and our biggest Ally. We do indeed live in troubled times. God bless America and the world!


  2. I only have one comment to make about Donald Trump’s behavior while seeking the highest office in the land…UNBELIEVABLE! Watching him makes me cross! How can these Americans voting for him be so silly? They must be really, really fed up with the status quo. Why am I watching?


    • You’re watching this unbelievable stuff because it is unbelievable and if you didn’t watch trump’s unbelievable behaviours, and someone told you these unbelievable things, you wouldn’t believe them. Got it now? 😀


  3. Pat, I love your blogs and the Trumpkins lesson is the best. As an American I am embarrassed that people in my native country actually believe his rhetoric of lies, false information and bully. They justify his statements by blaming the questioneer. America right now is scary within and around the world. The expression divide and conquer is what Trump is attempting to do with a fraction of the population.

    Nancy Cartwright (PROBUS)


    • Thanks for your comment Nancy…yes, it is a scary situation if Trump continues to build his base. The US has a major impact on Canada and of course the rest of the world. He has to be stopped.


  4. This is perfect. My brother is a Republican and my sister-in-law a Democrat. They have decided not to discuss politics – because well you know. My brother is freaking out because of Trump.

    What to do!!!



  5. Poor Donald! As he all the time says he is misunderstood. Or misquoted. Or misinterpreted. Or his words are twisted around. It is all our fault. We just aren’t listening correctly.
    He will keep talking to the point he will self destruct. And his alternative is no better in either party.
    It is a sad day for America in all aspects of this Presidential race.


    • Yes he’s all that to be sure and it’s never his fault. And as he loves to say, “He started it!” like a 2 year-old toddler with a bad comb-over. Thanks for checking in Rumple. Stay tuned, I’m sure this isn’t anywhere near over.


  6. You have a talent for satirical commentary, Pat, that (not so) gently eviscerates the subject of your comments. As a former teacher, I loved the rules for the Trump School for Kids. Imagine the lawsuits! Imagine the brawls! Imagine the attention from social media!
    Oh, wait a minute…maybe that’s The Donald’s intent.
    If he were to win, we’d have to rename the White House—the Oval Orifice!


  7. Amazing post Pat…..too funny….or is it? I can’t believe that people are actually backing him. And Cruz…..well he is no better. The political climate in the states is really changing….going backward actually. More racism, exclusionism, gender inequality. Can you imagine either of these 2 idiots sitting across the table from Justin Trudeau? Let hope they all come to their senses!


    • Nice to hear from you Marianne. Yes, I agree, it’s slim pickin’s for the Republicans. And the behaviour is appalling. We can only hope that Americans wake up before the TRUMP sign is sitting on top of the Whitehouse!


  8. I believe the tide is turning. “Telling it like it is” and not being hampered by political correctness, over time is being read for what it is, which is bullying. It has taken America a while to catch on, but Trump is going down, perhaps taking the Republican majority in congress with him, perhaps even the party itself. The longer this goes on the worse Trump looks to sane people.


    • I agree with you and hope you’re right. Surely, this type of behaviour can’t continue to prevail. I guess we will all have to stay tuned, because it’s hard to change the channel and move on until we know how the story ends. Thanks for your comment.


    • Thank Gail. It looks like the tides may be turning, but I guess we can only hope the Trumpofiles come to their senses and realize this isn’t a reality show – it’s real life.


  9. Loved your article Pat! After spending the past 3 1/2 months in the U.S of A …..we are horrified at how much time this idiot had taken up on newscasts, talk shows and debates. We have never heard him say anything of real value! Some of the people who live here really believe he is the b-all and end- all of politics! END ALL…all right! People are driving around with Trump stickers on the bumpers of their cars. I just want to drive into them!
    But then again……don’t worry too much….take a deep breath and calm down….look what happened to that buffoon Rob Ford. I’m sorry he got cancer and died…..but not sorry he’s out of politics!


    • Well said Britt Girl! Sadly, Florida seems to have many strong Trump supporters. And yes, Donald Trump is like Rob Ford “unplugged” so hopefully he will also simply self-destruct. I wonder if his comb-over would survive the implosion?


  10. Your post is excellent. I worry so much about what is happening with politics in the US. Sadly, all of us — Americans and citizens of the rest of the world — will be affected if some impetuous person is elected president and pushes that red button.


    • You’re so right Jeanette. Let’s keep hoping that cooler heads prevail. I still maintain the belief that, every time the Trumpster opens his mean little mouth, he’s closer to pressing his own red button and blowing himself up. Thanks for checking in.


  11. As a former teacher, I appreciate your insight that Trump is the antithesis of everything I tried to instil in my students. I laughed as I read your list for Trumpkins, but I fear I was laughing to keep from crying. Donald repels me and every one I know in every way but keeps on winning. My country needs both a blessing and forgiveness.


  12. So happy to see some of my fellow bloggers commenting on your site! I just discovered you while visiting “Sixty and Me”, and took the leap to your blog. I’m glad I did, and have subsequently subscribed. My blog focuses on older folk as well, and covers a wide range of issues affecting us. Please visit me! I appreciate your humor, and will look forward to your regular posts!


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