Good Lord America – What Are You Thinking?


images-10An Open Letter to Donald Trump Supporters from a Canadian

As your Canadian neighbour, we’ve been friends for a long time. We haven’t always agreed, but most of the time we’ve respected and accepted each other’s differences…more or less. Our beer is still better than yours and we have poutine.

But now you’ve really got me baffled and I’m doing my best to appreciate your point of view on this whole Donald Trump thing.

Mi casa su casa:
Now you could say it’s none of my business because I live in Canada. And you might be right except for the fact that we share a border and (I thought) many of the same values. Plus as my neighbour, if you blow up the barbecue in your backyard, you can be sure it will set off a firestorm of shrapnel into my yard as well.

Trump: “I love the poorly educated.”
I’m really struggling to understand how you can allow a narcissistic man like Trump to live rent free in your brain.  Don’t you know that he’s manipulating you through fear and empty promises? I know The Donald has admitted he doesn’t like to read, but PLEASE do yourself a favour and read about his background, his lawsuits, his bankruptcies, his bigotry, how he has treated women and the miles of destruction (and people) he has left in his wake. And if you say to this that you don’t care…why don’t you care? What’s wrong with you?

I know that both candidates have their baggage. But when you compare the backgrounds and selfless work one candidate has done for decades, to the selfish work of the other, surely you have to feel ashamed when you look into the mirror. And really, what terrible things has Hillary actually done? Why is she disliked by so many Americans? Hillary Clinton is the devil? Seriously?

Covert operations:
The media isn’t talking about this, but I think there is still a strong gender bias for the POTUS position and many males of all ages still cannot accept that a woman could run the country. It’s been a man’s world since forever and all that testosterone just can’t handle being told what to do by a mere female. Is this why so many of you men out there will take anyone, even the likes of the Trumpster, rather than choosing to support a very competent woman? Shame on every one of you.

Or maybe you’re simply supporting Trump because you’re pissed with the establishment and want to teach those Washington bureaucrats a lesson? Okay, you’ve made your point but it’s time to let go. Giving the reins to a madman won’t help your cause and will only ensure that you will be treated exactly like the many people who have been shafted by this charlatan.

Bizarre realities:
Look – I know that my simple little blog post isn’t going to make any difference. But I can’t stand by and do nothing. I rather like being your neighbour and consider us friends. And so I’m truly trying to understand your motives in wanting to put a demagogue and his Stepford wife into the White House. And by the way…where the heck is perfect wife number 3 these days? Certainly not beside The Donald. Her website was taken down this week after it was discovered the FLOTUS hopeful was also a liar about her educational credentials, in addition to being a plagiarist. And then her nude photos hit the newsstands! Oh dear…

The ultimate reality show:
Okay, I understand Trump boosts television ratings and gets way more air time than he deserves. So are you watching him on TV and attending his rallies out of a macabre sense of curiosity, because you know he’ll say something outrageous? Maybe you’re not really going to vote for him and all you want is to be able to tell your friends that you were there when he said that. And let’s face it – the man does aim to please the masses. It’s like watching a Jerry Springer Show unhinged!

Trump: “I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”
It could be that you like seeing a crass politician saying outrageous things and calling people demeaning names that you wouldn’t allow your child to repeat in the schoolyard. Or perhaps you’re a Trump groupie who loves his celebrity status and can’t get enough of that orange comb-over and his tiny little Twitter fingers. Or just maybe, deep down you really are a mean-spirited bigot and misogynist who is using Trump as a means to validate the darkest corners of your soul. Am I hitting a nerve here?

Whatever your motives, it’s time to dig deep and think about what you’re doing. If Trump wins and the world becomes a divisive, angry, dark place because of your vote – what will you tell your children? How will you feel when they behave just like the new President of the United States? Will you be proud, or will you be terribly terribly ashamed that you helped to make this part of history happen?

Final word:
So don’t you think it’s time to turn back and rethink your motives? Please, for the love of everything you want for the future of your country – disconnect yourselves from Trumpmania NOW and run as fast as you can away from this egotistical monster of a thousand faces. And to all you senior Republican leaders who have held your noses and endorsed Donald Trump – shame on all of you for mutely standing by and allowing the devil into your house.

And one more thing. If you really do end up voting for that big-mouthed racist bully and he becomes President – we don’t want you here in Canada when you see for yourself that his promises were just a big stinking smokescreen…like his grand entrance at the RNC. You can stay right where you are and boil in your own Trump-infested juices!

Yours sincerely,
Pat Skene,
Your Canadian Neighbour

P.S. To find out more about how Donald Trump is manipulating the masses, click on this excellent article.
Neuroscientist Explains the Donald Trump Effect



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  1. Agreed, especially with the last paragraph. I already skip the USA as vacation destination and prefer to fly over it. A nation that needs to carry a gun, for each American a gun, over 133 million guns in the hands of non-military, and still many feel beleagered, is a nation to avoid. I hope we don’t have to build that wall south of our border….

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  2. As a proud American I hope beyond hope that someone…. anyone….will hear you and wake up. I’ll be one of those people that will be stunned and ashamed if Trump wins even though I won’t be voting for him. For the record, I will be voting for Clinton!

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  3. I lived in New York City in the 1980s and had my fill of Trump and his bombastic personality even then. He’s a textbook narcissist and ultimately a small man with a big mouth and a mean spirit. I happened upon a recent exhibit at the Los Angeles Central Library on the Nazis’ use of propaganda. Midway through the exhibit, my friend turned to me and said, “This is just like….” and I already knew what she what she was going to say. I want to add that we don’t have the luxury in the election of voting for 3rd party candidates as too much is at stake. Thank you also for being a good neighbor (Eh! >wink<) and not standing by and saying nothing.

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    • So we agree eh? Ha! Yes, the similarities to Hitler are very frightening. Surely Trump supporters will wake up and smell the Nazi’s before it’s too late. Thanks for reading.


  4. Thank you, Pat, you have said brilliantly what I’ve been trying to say for months as I watch the people I love & thought I knew, suddenly sounding like strangers. They almost seem as if hypnotized, and refuse to read any truth about Trump or listen to logic. They verbally attack those who dare try to point them toward facts. I still can’t fathom that anyone would vote for him, yet the formerly kind and thoughtful people I used to know, have become so hate filled, just like him. Your article gives me hope, that there are still a few who haven’t lost their reason or goodness.

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    • I’m very sad to hear that Mary. It must be very difficult to be around your friends who have moved into the darkness of Trump’s world. Yes, I agree, it is like people have been hypnotized into his way of thinking. It reminds me of that movie, “The Kingsmen” where a chip card was put into cell phones and people became violent. It’s a very strange phenomenon. Let’s hope for brighter days ahead. I’m sure he will be exposed for who he is. He’s got to be.


  5. I agree with every word Pat. I like the Hilary Clinton Ad that shows the children watching Trump on TV saying disgusting things using ignorant language…says it all!


  6. Excellent, excellent Pat. I have forwarded onto my American family, friends, and have asked them to forward to those who are on the fence.

    You are amazing.


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  7. You know when the “Donald” sees this you are going to have to move. That “bat shit” crazy will be looking for you.
    If only enough sane Americans could see the problem. But their loyalty to the party overshadows any common sense they have.
    Good thoughts and good luck.


    • Bring him on Rumpel! The big problem is that a lot of Drumpf’s base won’t listen to anything other than his rhetoric. They don’t read, they don’t ask questions and they don’t care if he’s a modern day Hitler. What kind of a human being is that? It’s like they’ve all had a drink from the same pitcher of Koolaid!


  8. Loved the Jerry Springer reference, Pat! Even he, with all his ridiculous TV shenanigans that appeal to the basest element of the American people, is actively campaigning against Trump.
    As H. L. Mencken once wrote—
    “No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.”
    Let’s hope the American voters prove him wrong this year!

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  9. Thank you, thank you, Pat, for speaking out and listing so brilliantly all the reasons this country I love must not elect Donald Trump. We can’t do such foolish thing, yet in my dark moments I fear we might. As a result of the conversations I’ve had with Trump supporters — some of them family members and friends; most of them male — I think your paragraph about covert operations states the underlying mindsets that may elect this person who has no redeemable qualities.

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  10. I just have no words for this article. You seem to miss the facts about Killary and her party of entitlements. Less government, less taxes and go by the US Constitution is what our founding fathers (with the founding mothers backing them) founded our great country on along with our freedoms. The issue here for me is not the who is President but who the Supreme Court Judges will be so I am counting on Trump and his administration to choose wisely there. If we get more Liberals on the Supreme Court our freedoms as Americans will be in dire straits. We have endured almost 8 years of watching our country move towards more government control and socialism. If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan we were told. Well, I liked my health plan a lot better than heading toward socialized medicine and so did my doctors. I’ll keep my Bible, my guns and my freedoms thank you very much. Open borders are a welcome sight to those who want to destroy our country from the inside. ISIS loves that kind of policy. Just look at Europe. Make yourselves a great day! Freedom Isn’t Free!


  11. Killary lost and we won. I have been in circumstantial depression since 2008 (but I did not go out in the streets and protest just worked hard at my Conservative causes) but now our country can get back eventually to our founding Fathers (and Mothers) platform of “less government in our lives, less taxes and go by the US Constitution.” That’s why I voted Trump/Pence because our Supreme Court could have been taken over by Progressive Liberals and that would totally end our America as we know it. We the people stepped forward and won. I would rather have a CEO as President than a Community Organizer any day. I have worked with both types so I have hope for a bright future for the USA!


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