Gropers and Other Monsters


Flashback: A couple of years ago, I posted an article about the day I was groped…no, not by the Evil Trumpster. But I am reposting it now because of all the recent talk about the Grabber-in-Chief.

It has made a lot of us think about our encounters with similar despicable men. I was horrified when it happened to me and this particular episode sent me into a blind rage. Why would this low-life human being think he had a right to paw me in public and then grin to his buddy about it? Well, I did something – I got mad! REALLY mad! And I was armed! I just wish all the women accusing the Orange Beast had been carrying the same weapon I had at the time.

Scroll to the post below…I Beaned Him!

I’m such a nasty woman!

See you between the lines! 

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  1. Indeed! Unfortunately often Trump was so influential with their employers it could have cost them their jobs. Let’s hope the Grabber in Chief doesn’t become Commander!


  2. Luv it, Pat! Good for U!

    Every human being should take a self defense course for this very reason!
    Don’t let these idiots get away with their despicable behaviour because U stand there in shock!

    “BEAN” them where it hurts most!!

    And quit walking around with your ear pods blocking U from your surroundings. Be aware!! So that they have less chance to even come near U!


  3. Yes, Pat Skene, when you beaned that idiot you made me proud to spell my name WOMAN, just as we will all be when Hilary becomes the first woman President!


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