Help! I Want My Life Back!


Etched in My Brain

I remember the day in 1953 when we got electricity in our town.

I remember the day in 1963 when President Kennedy was shot.

I remember the day in 2015 when I became obsessed with Donald J. Trump.

It was June 16th when he rode that escalator like a vainglorious king, declaring his candidacy for president and announcing that Mexicans were thieves and rapists.

“How long can this guy last?” I laughed. “It should be fun to watch this asshole crash and burn.” And so my CNN addiction began.

Trump News Junky
Now 2 years later and 190 days into his presidency, I long for the days when I only watched TV in the evening hours; for the days when I spent my time with non-Trumpish things, like reading novels and writing children’s books. Instead I watch cable news and scour the online pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico, The Daily Beast, The New Yorker and the Wall Street Journal for the latest POTUS wrecking ball disasters.

Life was simple before all this frightening nonsense and I wonder if things will ever be the same again. As the alt-right seem to take over the partisan brains of America, I can only hope this is not the new normal.

One Angry Creamsicle
After working 35 years in corporate life, I can’t even imagine treating people like this vulgarian. How can any company survive by encouraging infighting between competing power centres, or by publicly humiliating employees and colleagues? Staffers for Trump are disposable and discarded once they no longer serve his purpose. And he’s a coward. Despite his image, he would rather humiliate someone out of their position rather simply say, ‘You’re fired!”

Plugged In 24/7
Occasionally when I pry myself loose from CNN or MSNBC to venture out to attend to my life, I constantly check my phone for the latest Breaking News flashes and tweet-storms from the bully-in-chief. I’m not proud of it, but I can’t seem to stop.

This Mein Trumpf administration is like a freight train filled with explosives, heading straight for American democracy. Yet there are still many who support him and his vengeful obsession of annihilating all things Obama, destruction of the environment and everything else in life that’s decent and good.

Conspiring Conspiracies
As Team Trump stands firm, I wonder if a mind-altering chip has been inserted into their cell phones – like in the ‘Kingsman” movie. Or has some malevolent drug been drip-drip-dripping into the US water supply? Right now I would believe anything after witnessing the surreal sideshow of this vile Trump Administration.

Vipers and Wiseguys
And just when you dare to think it can’t get any worse, “Tony the Mooch,” gets added to the White House cast of liars and ass-kissers; a character right out of the Sopranos. And while they all slither and hiss like a pit of vipers, vying for his attention – Prima Donald sits on his golden throne tweeting and eclipsing his own agenda. (Update after this post was published…the Trump tribe has spoken and the Mooch is out after only 10 days on the job!)

So What’s Next?
Everyday, this episodic Republican reality show is filled with backstabbing paranoia, attacks on basic values and more proof of dangerous Russian connections. Everyday, I hope this horror show will stop. And everyday, I’m disappointed that once again, I’ve wasted yet another day of my life hoping and praying that the dark hidden secrets of Donald J. Trump will hit the airwaves and catapult him into a jail-cell.

Final Word:
It’s all so mesmerizing and nuclear grade bonkers, I simply can’t walk away until the story ends. Even as I finish this post, Trump continues to humiliate and diminish everyone in his orbit. Yesterday Benedict Donald announced the firing of his Chief of Staff…on Twitter!

Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.” Let’s just hope this ancient sage knew what he was talking about.

In the meantime, how do I disconnect and get my life back?

See you between the lines.

Pat Skene




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  1. Hi Pat,
    You and thousands – maybe even millions – of others are addicted. I myself watch the video clips for 10 minutes that the Apple box app allows me, and no more unless our own public broadcast CBC news deals with the master of mayhem and his anarchist movement.

    In the dictionary (Webster) Anarchist: someone who wishes to destroy the existing government and laws. Enough said.
    I wish you good luck and lots of wisdom in dealing with the current political situation in your country.


    • Yes, I know I’m not alone in my addiction. I think it affects us all in a negative way, emotionally and physically. I really do need to find a way to step away. Thanks for your comment and for reading my post.


    • Yes I am Canadian and thankful! But our borders are so close. In today’s ubiquitous world of cyber connectivity it’s hard not to think globally and feel a strong connection to what’s happening in other countries. Or is that old age?
      Thanks for reading. I appreciate it.


  2. You speak the truth Pat Skene…like Buddha. It’s just a matter of time. So many people fired when all the Republicans have to do is get rid of one! ANYONE would do a better job, then we could all get back to living and breathing a whole lot easier. I still hope and pray they gave Trump the wrong nuclear codes!


  3. You are not alone. We ALL seem to be mesmerized by the passing scene of bloody horror! More than anything, I think we don’t dare spend one day without checking in, in case the whole thing blows up, and we will be in mortal danger!


  4. We will all be sorry when he is gone. Who else has been such a constant topic of conversation. Everyone has an opinion or an incident of something he has done. It is the fascination of watching a train wreck and being thankful you were not on the train.


  5. Hi Pat, you are not the only person glued to the TV and news because of the ugly situation down south. Rob is an addict as well. In fact I read your post to him and he could certainly relate.

    I’m not surprised though ……your tenacious personality is driving you to this! It is part of who you are and what makes you so successful……the unrelenting drive towards whatever the key focus is at the time. (They didn’t refer to you as the dragon lady in Lending for no reason! Fortunately I was never on the opposing side.😬)

    We definitely are at a crossroads in society and it is very worrysome. My biggest fear is the threat of escalating tensions between the US and North Korea. Two egotistical hotheads at the helm of nuclear weapons is not very comforting.

    I often wonder though how our parents managed through the difficult times like war. While there was news it was not sensationalized like today. The tragedies were real and horrific and just getting through the day was the challenge. I think sometimes our lives lack the tensions that give us real perspective on life and living so we focus on negative stuff in the news. It is likely human nature as it raises the adrenaline and keeps us alert.Lord knows you have enough negative tension going on around you that this just makes you ready to pounce!

    Well enough of my philosophical pondering……in answer to your question (how do I get my life back) I’m afraid you may be stuck with this terrible gong show for a while yet.

    Hope you got a chance to get up north for some much needed soul rejuvination!

    Take care and best wishes for a better health road ahead for you and Bob.

    Marianne xo


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