Message in a Bottle – Minerva the Magnificent – Oakville News


Hi everyone:

Last month I started writing a short story column for the Oakville News. This is my 2nd instalment.

I’d like to introduce you to Minerva Abigail Quackenbush.


See you between the lines.


Someone secretly leaves messages rolled up in little glass bottles around Oakville. No one has seen who it is. These stories are about the people who find the bottles and what happens when they read the messages. Check back every month for a new story.
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  1. Lovely story, Pat! I enjoyed it immensely, even if some of it hit a little too close to home 😂. The several references to locales and establishments in Oakville were perfect! Minnie gives us all hope that the best is still to come.

    |Thanks for sharing it!

    Brad 🎶

    *Everybody counts, or nobody counts.* Twitter: @talebender


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