Would You Like Me to Wax the Hair on Your Toes?


(Reposted from 2017)

What the fuzz?
Okay, I realize I’m off the charts here with asking you such a boldly bumptious question. Nor do I have any intention of following through on the answer if you say yes.

I’ve been under a wee bit of stress lately and decided I needed some pampering. So I scheduled myself into a day spa for the usual scrub, rub, soak and polish routines. It was deliciously decadent.

Who me?
But then something happened. As I was getting my pedicure, eyes closed, enjoying the ambient sounds of the soothing spa playlist du jour, the lovely young technician interrupted my zoned-out state by asking, “Would you like me to wax the hair on your toes?”

Ditching the cucumber slices on my eyes, I bolted upright! “What did you say?”
“The hair on your toes,” she repeated. “Would you like me to remove it?”

“I have hair on my toes?” I said to her, like she would make such a disgusting thing up. “I can’t see that far down”…I insisted. “I have cataracts, I didn’t know I had hair on my toes. How long has it been there?”

Stay calm and breathe!
“I don’t know,” she said in her spa-soothing voice. “But don’t worry, just relax and it will be gone in a minute.” She proceeded to take care of the big hairy deal with the speed and diplomacy of the professional she was. Then she quickly followed up with a leg and foot massage that made me forget my bushy phalanges and put me right back into a zen state of mind. I left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and slippery as a mango pit…my Hobbit feet a thing of the past.

Hair today, gone tomorrow:
What is it about our obsession with body hair and why do we find it so unappealing? Studies have shown that many women hide their depilatory secrets from their partners, too embarrassed or ashamed to admit they keep up high maintenance routines to keep themselves basically as bald as baby kangaroos. The Daily Mail in the UK did an article a few years ago entitled, Top 20 Beauty Secrets Women Hide From Men.” The number one item on the list that women never wanted their partners to know was, “Pluck/Shave hair from the toes.”

We older women usually don’t go baby-kangaroo crazy in our plucking, shaving and waxing pursuits. But with hormone changes, we can have a few surprise visitors in the mirror. Pesky little hair follicles can pop out in unforeseen locations, like chin, nipples, belly, moles, knuckles, shoulders, forehead, upper lip and yes…even our noses and ears, usually reserved for the male species.

Hairy contrary:
Sometimes there are medical conditions that cause this problem, but most of the time it isn’t a problem at all. Just annoying as hell. And some women are embracing their inner-hairiness and growing their own leggings and dyeing armpit hair in rainbow colours. But that’s a post for another day. I worked with a woman many years ago who had a patch of long bushy black hair on the back of her legs above the knee. We wore mini skirts in those days and when she bent over the file cabinet, every chair in the office swung around to check out the view. I always wondered if she brushed it.

Let’s think about this:
So with all the maintenance most of us do to keep the forestry down, let me ask you this. What do you think we would morph into if we were deserted on a south Pacific island with our favourite heart-throb? Picture yourself in a bodice ripping story as a romantic castaway with…(fill in the blanks.) My own personal fantasy includes Nathaniel Bonner, from the book, “Into the Wilderness.” Honestly, I can’t get enough of that man. But I digress…back to the deserted island…

The story continues:
So after a few months or a year under a palm tree in the Pacific, and depending on our own personal speed of hair growth multiplied by genetics and dominant genes – our appearance may be more bewhiskered than bewitching. As our eyebrows spread slowly into a monobrow and we braid our armpit hair to keep it out of the oyster stew, will we still want to frolic on our hairy Hobbit feet into the crashing waves on the beach? And without our dream man’s manscaping routines, will we still whisper sweet and salty nothings as we do the beach tango, like a couple of hairballs in love? Hmmm….

Final word:
So the next time someone asks you, “Would you like me to wax/tweeze/shave that?”  know that you’re in the good company of someone from the Secret Society of the Hairy Sisterhood.

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  1. Hair on toes is one thing and you’ve touched on the depilatory dilemmas.
    Recently I learned that, just like hair, our ears continue to grow as we get older. Apparently that’s the reason so many old men seem to have big ears. As the queen on short hair, I ask myself how long before I will have to hibernate for 8 – 10 months to let my hair (thin as it’s getting) grow over my ears! Growing old isn’t easy.


  2. This is a very funny story! I could just picture you there being awakened from your relaxed bliss to such a question!!! Is this what our daughters have to look forward to as they get older?
    I must honestly admit that I have had hair on my toes for years. An estheticiian waxed it off many years ago, and since then I shave it off regularly. It is getting harder to see though…as I get older!
    The joys of being a woman!


    • Hi Britt Girl…thanks for your comment. I never knew that about you!! Maybe I’ve had it for years too and just couldn’t see it. How horrifying for all the previous technicians who did my pedicures and said nothing!!


  3. This old man usually asks his barber to use “0” on the buzzer to make the side growing head hair match the top of his bald dome.
    The usual questions are, “Can I trim your ear hair?”, “Can I trim your eyebrows?”, Can I trim your nose hair?”
    The question being begged is, ” As part of aging do topknot follicles reverse their direction to re-sprout above the eyes and out of head orifices?”

    I thought that you might like this: https://www.google.ca/search?dcr=0&biw=1546&bih=878&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=nathaniel+bonner+into+the+wilderness&oq=nathaniel+bonner+into+the+wilderness&gs_l=psy-ab.12…….0…1..64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.B1meKHT2AbQ


    • Thanks for reading Tom. So much trimming, laughed at your comment. By the way…what is that link you provided? I read the whole series of Into the Wilderness books, (my favourite bodice rippers) and I didn’t think there was a movie? Are these just promo pics for the books do you know? The Nathaniel Bonner in my imagination is much better by the way!


  4. Like Britt girl, I, too, have hair on my big toes only and simply shave it off when I do my legs. The hair on my legs has been getting sparse, like my head! Oh, then there’s the underarm hair which has all but disappeared! I thought this the way it’s supposed to be?


  5. My Christmas stocking a few years ago presented me with a lovely, battery-operated gizmo to remove nose- and ear-hair. The last time I sat on Santa’s knee, I didn’t have to worry about that…..I guess he’s watching out for me.
    Anyway, after reading about your delightful pedicur-iosity, I’ll have to see if it works on my toes.
    Thanks for the morning chuckle!


    • I suspect Mrs. Santa had something to do with the gizmo Santa put in your stocking. A not so subtle gift I suspect. I wonder if Santa has anything for Hobbit feet?
      Thanks for reading Brad.


  6. Ugh! We all suffer from hair moving to some extent whether it is from our head to our nose to our ears or somewhere else.
    But funny. You are a good sport about it.


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