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Hot off the Press…Wowwy and Me


Great bedtime reading!

Wowwy_cvr_draft_150604.inddMy new picture book has arrived! So you see – I’m not always a crotchety old boomer exercising my right to a few senior rants and raves on boomerrantz. I often sneak over to the lighter side to play in the sandbox and write stories for my awesome little friends.  Granted, it chafes my aging assets when the sand seeps into my granny bloomers. But I just shake, shake, shake it off…as the song goes.

Now back to my book, because after all, this is all about me – well, Wowwy and Me anyway – and I am shamelessly blowing my own bullhorn here. So what’s it all about, you might ask?

His red fur was matted and worn out…almost.
But he smelled like sunshine and warm buttered toast.

Summary from back cover:
Tilly is worried because her beloved stuffed mouse, Wowwy, is becoming more raggedy and dirty with each passing day. There’s even a chunk of fur out of his ear. He’s been stitched and scrubbed and patched many times. But now more extreme action is needed. What can Tilly possibly do to stop Wowwy from falling apart at the seams?

It’s my unabashed pleasure to introduce my newest book…Wowwy and Me
Beautifully illustrated by the very talented, Talysha Bujold-Abu
For little munchkins ages 2 – 6

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Thank you.

Happy reading! See you between the lines.

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