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Farrell’s Fire


As the holiday season approaches, my usual reflective self emerges. Looking back over the past year’s gifts and surprises, I am once again hopeful for the promise of a good year ahead. But at a time when the world seems to be shrinking and spinning out of control, I find myself holding on to the simple things to maintain my balance.

Too much everything: Everyday now, life around us gets crazier, more irrational and more violent. It’s easy to just stop caring, as we’re swept along like dried-up leaves in a windstorm. We tune out, turn off or just change the channel.

We become obsessed with an electronic age of peeping reality shows and detached virtual experiences. We’re immersed in a sea of toys that do too much and imaginations that do too little. We don’t talk, we surf. We don’t read, we watch. We don’t feel because we’re numb.

Out of sync: It’s hard to know how to push back on the tremendous pressures of a rapidly changing society and grab hold of the little things that give spark and spirit to what we do. I think it’s important that we stay connected with our world and we need to care that it needs changing. And, I believe we need to look deeply into the faces of our children to make that connection.       Read the rest of this entry