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Keep Your Floor Options Open – As the Condo Turns


When we think of living in a condo, we often picture ourselves living high in a tower like Rapunzel. Whether we have long hair, short hair, or no hair at all, we can’t dispute the fact that the higher we go, the more spectacular the view. And, if you’re lucky enough to live on a higher floor and on the waterfront, you may never want to leave your suite.

But there are a variety of other options available and I myself am a ground floor condo-gal. We didn’t even consider a ground floor unit when we started looking. Go high or go home, was our motto. But when we reluctantly agreed to see a ground floor unit, we were hooked. So that brings me to today’s topic:

Tip of the day – Keep your floor options open

Living on the ground floor is like living in a home. You forget that you have all those floors towering above your head. In some buildings, the ceilings are higher on the ground floor and if you have a corner unit, you will usually have windows in every room. Without any need to get out and shovel, weed or plant, you have gardens and trees to enjoy, and a view of the changing seasons – right up close and personal.

There is a solid feeling about ground floor units. When the wind is howling in the halls on the higher floors, it’s simply a windy day on the ground floor. And when the sun is baking the upper suites with south or west-facing views, the ground levels are cooler and often protected by trees and garden foliage.    

There is no real need to wait for an elevator, and you get good exercise using the stairs to the car park in the basement, or other amenities like swimming pool and exercise room etc. 

In the case of an emergency, you have a quick main floor exit route. Or you can simply jump over your balcony/terrace if you have to. But either way, you avoid schlepping down umpteen flights of stairs behind a panicking mob of aging condoarians, to get out of the building. Or worse yet, join the gaggle of them hanging over their upper floor balconies wondering what to do.

Remember, there’s no elevator service during a fire and a fireman’s ladder only goes to the 6th floor – 7th floor max! 

So all praise for the ground floor unit, the often forgotten gem of condo living.

Until tomorrow…these are the days of our lives.