Between the Lines


Hey blog-readers! I’ve been AWOL again taking care of business. And now I have even more serious business to attend to, so I’ll be out of commish for a while.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this:

There once was a girl we’ll call Pat,
Who’s bosom was never that flat,
Then along came a test…
Well, you guess the rest,
And now she faces all that!

But scary as “that” seems to be,
She’s okay, (between you and me),
With family and friends,
The support never ends,
“To bloom where you land” – that’s the key.



See you between the lines.

Pat Skene


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  1. After ‘that’ is taken care of, just think of all the wise ranting you will be primed up for! You should come with a “warning…be nice or I’m might write about you” on a sandwich board around your neck. Taylor Swift thought she was all “that” writing about her boyfriends, the doctors have no clue what’s in store for them. Xo


  2. There once was a girl we’ll call Pat.
    She was lovely, smart, and all that..
    She could take any challenge head on.
    She could solve any problems bang on.
    And when her “bo-bo” was all gone,
    she would come back to write her rantz.
    The rantz that we all love… that make us laugh… that make us pee in our pants!

    (Sorry, I’m not as good a poet as you…but you get the gist!)

    Sending you good wishes for a speedy recovery!


    • Hey Maria: thank you so much for the beautiful poem! I think you should take my place as the boomerrantz poet laureate while I’m AWOL. So nice to hear from you. I appreciate your good wishes.


  3. There’s not a doubt in my mind you will “bloom where you land” Pat Skene!
    Sending you sunshine, lollipops and rainbows…oh…and lots of love!


  4. I have learnt from your cousin “JB” throughout her journey… that a positive mind will get you through anything… including your darkest moments. I have also learnt from her that you are an extremely gifted individual with amazing strength. Wishing you courage and peace of mind that so many people are behind you while you travel on this journey. God’s Blessings!


  5. Hello Ms. Pat,
    I have been researching you for my graduate coursework in Information Communities. I just want you to know I am praying for you. Stay encourgaed!


    • Thank you…I’ve now come out the other side and am keeping my head above water. So far so good. Loved your post today! In my younger days, I was also fluent in “slam-a-door” as a 2nd language.


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