She Put a Spell on Me


music_noteAnnie Lennox sang at the Grammies last night. WOW! Can that broad belt it out! And she sang with a real voice, without all the pyrotechnics we see and hear today with so many of the talent-impaired.

I think any beautiful female with a provocative costume, powerful thigh muscles and satanic dance moves might be fanciful entertainment for those of us practicing our couch-potato routines at home. But when it comes to wearing the big girl pants, you need real talent like Annie to show us how it’s done. Sadly, performers today keep upping the stage-ante, by adding special effects in the form of dancing human bulls ( Grammies) or ridiculous wiggling sharks (Superbowl) to name a few. All this in an effort to wow an audience into a trance-like state of shock and awe.

Okay I get it – I might be of the aging cogerette era and still love the old songsters like Tina Turner, and the soothing voices of yesteryear with classic crooners like Roy Orbison and yes, God help me…The Everly Brothers. But I also love listening to tunes of any era and any genre, including the talents of so many new voices in today’s music, thanks to my granddaughter. It’s really too bad most of these superstars need to uber-up their routines until we can’t hear the pure goodness of a beautiful voice at it’s best.

When I listened to Annie belting it out and simply being Annie, I thought…now there’s a timeless talent to be reckoned with. I had forgotten what a force she was years ago with the Eurythmics. And she has truly improved with age. When she sang I Put a Spell on You last night, she put a spell on me and I downloaded her music. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Click here to listen to Annie:

See you between the lines,

Pat Skene


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  1. I agree. So many of today’s singers don’t have the power to blow out a candle when they sing. I know music changes but real talent doesn’t


  2. Well thanks for the heads up. I missed the Grammys but just listened to the performance online. I’m not really into blues, but that lady does have one powerful voice. And I totally agree that entertainers today for the most part rely far too much on special effects and sex appeal and not enough on their talent. Speaking of sex appeal, how about that Hosier? WOW!


  3. I LOVE Annie Lennox! She was great and is capable of putting a spell on all of us with her pure, natural voice! Hosier is just too good to be true!


  4. Annie Lennox was incredible! Definitely a highlight of the night! She had everyone on their feet and she didn’t have to ask them to stand up (like some of the other artists who did that night). She left it all out there on the stage. If it was that impactful on TV I can only imagine how much she must have rocked in person. What a singer!


  5. We too missed her performance on the Grammies, but can only imagine how great it was.
    Sweet dreams are made of cheese…..who am I to dis a Brie?


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